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Top 10 Best Canvas Tote Bags for Summer to Go with Your Outfit

Top 10 Best Canvas Tote Bags for Summer to Go with Your Outfit

Summer calls for matching dresses and trading leather bags for canvas totes. It is a fun season to experiment with colors, fabrics, and prints. While summer is a good time to let loose, it is okay to put a little more thought into your outfit. An effortlessly coordinated summer look includes matching dresses and canvas tote bags.

1. Floral Tote Bags

Hot weather calls for lighter colors. You will likely find yourself choosing nudes, whites, and lots of pastel shades for dresses and tops. Avoid looking like a blank slate, and add a pop of color to your ensemble by carrying a floral tote bag. Floral designs give off feminine vibes that turn your casual summer outfit romantic and dainty, perfect for casual Friday nights.

2. Graphic Tote Bags

Running errands in summer becomes easy with an everyday graphic canvas tote bag. It is light, foldable, and multi-purpose. Best of all, a graphic tote goes well with a streetwear outfit, that is, your denim and tee. Go for graphic designs that are easy on the eyes such as minimalist prints of animals, movie character avatars, random objects, whatnots.

3. Black-and-White Tote Bags

Black-and-white totes can be summer staples, too. They are less bulky and more appropriate for formal events, such as university fairs, corporate lunches, and random client meetings. Surprisingly, canvas tote bags with blacks and whites look edgy but fun. Some patterns have more dominant blacks, whereas some others have lots of whitespaces. Browse online collections for ideas but keep in mind to choose summery patterns to pair with your little breezy dresses.

4. Statement Tote Bags

Grab a statement tote bag that you can parade all day long. With longer summer days, you have a longer time to flash around statements that signify your advocacy or those that are fun and witty. Either way, statement totes are often minimalist and complement well any outfit.

5. Boho Tote Bags

Bring out the tropical prints in summer. Wear a bohemian dress to pair with your boho-inspired tote bag. This print-on-print ensemble looks balanced when the colors complement each other. Wear your lacy white boho dress with a colorful canvas tote. Alternatively, style your pale blue mid-calf printed maxi dress and pair it with a wide-brimmed hat and a boho canvas tote with earth tones.

6. Oversized Tote Bags

When hitting the beach or summer camps, you are wise to bring an oversized tote bag to chuck in all your stuff. Larger bags, either with minimalist or flashy bold designs, are perfect to pair with casual wear. They look fashionable when matched with thinner, shorter, and lighter summer clothing. Above all, they are spacious!

7. Monogrammed Tote Bags

Personalized totes look timeless and sophisticated. At the same time, they could pass for an everyday bag. You can even carry a monogrammed tote to the office after a quick grocery run, and everyone would agree the bag looks chic with corporate attire. Play with the colors and fonts to achieve a classy but less intimidating design. Where possible, embed bag linings and trade cloth for webbing for bag straps.

8. Leather-trimmed Canvas Tote Bags

Speaking of linings, have a go at a leather-trimmed canvas tote. Even without prints, a leather-trimmed canvas tote fits any summer wear and looks upscale that it could pass for a designer bag at first glance. Experiment with the strap lengths, so you can use it as a handbag at work and a shoulder bag when meeting friends at night. Choose smaller sizes to bring to parties.

9. Boat Tote Bags

Some people are inconvenienced by the lack of pockets and the shapelessness of canvas custom tote bags. Your best choice for summer then is boat totes that come in different fun designs. Boat bags have rectangular bases and side pockets that help you stay organized, although with a lighter weight. Traveling mothers, working professionals, gym rats, beach bums – they will find a sturdy and structured boat tote quite handy.

10. Zipped Art Canvas Tote Bags

Keep the contents of your springy tote bag from spilling with a zipper. A sealed tote also adds a sense of security as you never know when pickpocketers make you a target. But since it is summer, choose artsy prints with a playful but subdued color palette. Big and bold prints with flashy colors may hit the blinding sunlight and cause eye discomfort.

There is a long list of fun summer designs for canvas tote bags to try. Keep your bag collection varied. After all, the key to coordinated looks is the right balance of colors, sizes, and prints, be it for summer or winter wear.

The Gorgeously Sleek Bridesmaid Wedding Robes

The Gorgeously Sleek Bridesmaid Wedding Robes

Weddings aren’t all formal attire. Having a box of flip flops on the side of the dance floor makes all the difference when it’s time to rock out. There are certainly a lot of touches we need to think about that add to the formality of the occasion as well. Buying beautiful gowns for every bridesmaid involved sends a message that you truly care about them and are excited to have them in your wedding. Beyond gowns, there’s something more that’s needed to make it a glamorous occasion. Getting ready for the wedding can take hours. You’ll be in makeup for quite some time and are probably thinking about getting a spray tan. Have you considered purchasing bridesmaid wedding robes to make getting ready easier?

Everything Should be on Point

You might think that bridesmaid wedding robes are a waste of money. While they aren’t something that’s going to grace the chapel hall’s presence, it’s important for you and the girls to still look good while in the back room getting ready. Getting all gussied up in regular casual clothing doesn’t make for the cutest of pictures. It’s important to make every picture more beautiful than the last. In order to accomplish it, you’ll need clothing that both matches the occasion and is comfortable enough to wear.

Keep Everyone Matching

Bridesmaid wedding robes keep everyone matching. Your bridesmaid outfits are all going to match when you walk down the aisle. It’s important to keep matching clothing a recurring theme everywhere you go. So, while in that changing room, there will be no time when your clothing will not be in line with the general colors of the wedding.

They’re Downright Comfortable

Stiff jeans are adequate when it comes time to get your blush just right so that it can be seen from the pews. Are they comfortable enough to wear when you’re already sweating from the anxiety of having to say “I Do” in front of everyone you care about? Probably not. Bridesmaid robes and bride robes are made of silk. They’re lightweight and breathable so you can stay comfortable the entire time you’re wearing them. Tying the knot in a stiff and uncomfortable dress is coming up soon enough. Sometimes the bridesmaide robe aren’t that comfortable either. Try a relaxed, lightweight, silk robe instead of staying in your street clothing or hopping into the dress too soon.

Something You Can Keep on Wearing

Wear them after the wedding also. Did you just soak in the tub with your favorite bath bomb? You’ll need something to wear until you’re completely ready to get back into those jammies. Something soft and comfortable is the perfect choice when brushing your teeth at night. You’re also keeping something that’ll help you remember the event forever.

Everything Will Be Perfect!

You want everything to come together nicely on that special day. Everything will work out well in the end when you choose a genuine silk bathrobe to throw over yourself instead of not getting something for the girls to change into when getting ready.

The Brilliance Of Silver Cuban Link Chain

The Brilliance Of Silver Cuban Link Chain

Human beings and their close evolutionery relatives have been adorning themselves with jewelry for thousands of years. In fact, a recent discovery at Bizmoune Cave in southwest Morocco revealed just how long we have been wearing adornements that represent our individuality. The discovery was a Middle Stone Age shell necklace that was found to be approximately 150,000 years old.


Of course, tastes and technology have changed the silver cuban link chain jewelry landscape. With some notable exceptions, we are no longer staisfied withshells – we want the best, rarest and brighest gemstones that provide a brilliance that matches a sparkling personality.


One of the most popular types of jewelry is stud earnings – and there has been a surge of interest in stud earrings featuring the gemstone Moissanite.


Moissanite silver cuban link chain is made from silicon carbide and the naturally occurring form is tremendously rare, this has led to an increased supply of made from silicon carbide. gems that have been manufactured in a lab. these man-made versions of the stone are in no way inferior to the natural version – and have in fact been praised for their exceptional beauty. Many people who do not want to spend the sometimes enormous sums that are required to invest in diamond jewelry are today turning to Moissanite.


It is extremely difficult for non-gemologists to tell the difference between Moissanite and diamond. However, each does scatter the light in a different way. The difference can be described in terms of ‘brilliance’ (white light reflection). The patterning of the facets in Moissanite is slightly different from those of diamond. The result is an extremely bright ‘disco ball’ like effect when the gem is exposed to sunlight.


Moissanite stud earnings are extremely affordable when compared to similar products that feature naturally occurring diamonds, however, the high-quality laboratory-manufactured Moissanite still boasts incredible sparkle.


There are many other reasons to choose Moissanite over diamonds – not just its reputation for that brilliant sparkle. For instance, all Moissanite silver cuban link chain is ethically created. Without a high-powered microscope, it is not possible to see the tiny internal etching on a diamond that ensures you are not getting a so-called ‘blood diamond’. These diamonds are illegally sold and have their origins in conflict zones and are mined in ways that increase human suffering (including forced labor) and criminal activity.


Diamonds are well known for their hardness. One of the old-fashioned ways of telling whether a diamond is the real thing was to etch glass with the gemstone. However, Moissanite follows in the footsteps of diamonds. It is also incredibly hard, if a diamond was to score a solid ten on the hardness scale then Moissanite cuban link silver chain would not be far behind – scoring at 9.25. This makes Moissanite incredibly tough and stud earrings with Moissanite  gems will last for decades 9if not longer) with correct care.


If you want to look your best – and really shine at any social gathering then consider not only the cost savings that are part and parcel of the Moissanite experience. Also, consider that you will be displaying one of the most beautiful cuban link silver chain gems in the world.

Fashion Tips For Braless Outfits

Fashion Tips For Braless Outfits

Bras can be very uncomfortable and annoying most of the time, especially if you HAVE to wear them daily, under your office outfits. But, for those times when you feel the need for freedom or simply feel confident and want to show this, we’ve prepared a few useful tricks for braless outfits.

How To Wear Clothes Without a Bra, But Still Look Elegant And Stylish

Choose The Right Fabrics

Not any type of fabric can be worn without a bra. Silk, for example, or other fluid and light fabrics will hardly manage to hide your breasts. Focus on clothing items made from tightly woven fabrics that provide a little support for your bust.

Choose The Right Colors

In the shade, white may seem that cover everything great, but once you’ve stepped into the light, your nipples will arise just like snowdrops. If you want to ditch the bra, avoid wearing white or any light colors.

Choose To Wear Dresses And Tops With Special Cuts For Your Breasts

Especially if you have big breasts and want to wear clothes without a bra, look for clothing items that come with a bra on the interior or special cups attached. They’re the perfect solution in for any occasion and you can find them almost in any clothing store.

Choose The Smart Way For Accessories

Oversized collars or multiple row collars, hide effectively the breast area and distract your attention from what might glimpse through the blouse.

Use An Overlaying Style

Overlays are an excellent solution if you want to ditch the bra without having to worry that someone might raise your eyebrows. You can use everything from shirts to jackets or scarves.

Wear Sweaters And Hoodies

If you like casual-sport style, fill your wardrobe with sweaters and hoodies. You can wear them anytime, anyhow, without worrying that your nipples might say hello to everyone. To support your breast somehow, you can wear a bra or shirt underneath.

Wear Ruffles

Whether you have big or small breasts, ruffles are the best option if you want to wear a braless outfit, and no one will figure it out.

Use Patches For Nipples

The biggest problem for women who want to wear clothes without a bra is that nipples are… unpredictable. Especially if it’s cold outside! You can find nipple patches in every store, in various materials and different colors and shapes. They are easy to use, very affordable and the best solution when you want to ditch the bra.

If you want to wear clothes without a bra, there are plenty of solutions to make them look decent and elegant. The most important thing is to look confident and proud of your choices and to realize that some outfits can be worn without a bra.

How To Wear Pencil Skirts According To Your Body Type

How To Wear Pencil Skirts According To Your Body Type

The pencil skirt is that piece of clothing that every woman must have in her closet. Even if you were told that it’s not suitable for your body type, you shouldn’t be discouraged or give up wearing it. Everybody can wear it gracefully if it follows certain tips and tricks.

If you always wanted to wear a pencil skirt and never had the courage, I say it’s about time to give up those old-fashioned ideas you have in mind. You CAN wear a pencil skirt to highlight your “good points”. Every silhouette has its ups and downs, and you have to “juggle” only with the attractive parts of your body.

Pencil Skirt For Hourglass Type

You have been blessed with an hourglass-shaped silhouette then the pencil skirt is perfect for you because it will highlight your thin waistline, but also your “delicious” posterior. Choose a tight pattern, but not very tight, because you won’t be able to walk then. The perfect waist for a pencil skirt worn by an hourglass silhouette should reach the navel. Wear with this pencil skirt a shirt or a blouse stuffed in the skirt to create a strong visual effect.

Pencil Skirt For Pear-shaped Silhouette

Women who have pear-shaped figures are bigger at the bottom, in the hips and thighs area, while the upper body is quite small. A pencil skirt can be a real advantage if you have such a body type, but only if you choose a pattern that is not too straight or too tight. If the skirt is too straight, the lower body will look boxy and if it is too tight-fitting, you’ll look like a light bulb. Choose a dark color and a material that has some elasticity, such as cotton or wool, and avoid bulky materials, because it makes you look big exactly in the area where you already have problems. Wear a blouse that gives you extra volume around your bust area, creating the illusion of wider shoulders.

Pencil Skirt For Androgynous Silhouette

Nature didn’t bless you with voluptuous shapes. You have a straight silhouette, without many curves. Many fashion models have this type of silhouette and still manage to look very sexy, even when they’re wearing pencil skirts. So, wear them with confidence. You need a tight pencil skirt made from a thick fabric, to offer volume in the lower part of your body. You can create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette if you choose a pattern with prints on your hips. Also, skirts with side pockets or applied on your posterior are recommended for this type of silhouette. Wear the pencil skirt with a shirt with ruffles in the bust area.

Pencil Skirt For Apple-shaped Silhouette

If you have an apple-shaped silhouette, fat is deposited in the abdominal area and for you, a pencil skirt can be a real problem. To wear such an item, choose a pattern that keeps your belly tight. High-waist pencil skirts are perfect for your body shape. Also, you can wear modeling underwear. Never wear belts or accessories in the abdominal area, just wear a simple pencil skirt. You can wear a wide blouse or shirt, but wear a tight jacket over it, otherwise, you’ll look chubby.

A pencil skirt looks good on anyone, regardless of their body shape! Keep our tips in mind and you will look perfect with this classic item!

Clothing Tricks To Fake A Smaller Waist

Clothing Tricks To Fake A Smaller Waist

A slim waist is every woman’s dream, but diets and hours in the gym show their results in time? And you need, like right now, to look like the girls from the catwalk? You can’t get rid of extra pounds overnight, but you can do magic using clothes to create visually a wasp waist! Hide your flaws with these amazing fashion tricks!

  1. You want to hide your belly? Choose dresses with A- cut shape or the empire style. Draped dresses will make those extra pounds disappear like magic. When it comes to colors, the famous color blocking does its job very well.
  2. When it comes to blouses, if you want to look thinner, choose again draped dresses. As long as they are below the bust, they will successfully hide your tummy.
  3. High waist pants will be your best friend if you want to get a slim waist. Choose tapered cut pants with a high waist because your legs will look longer, too.
  4. Make sure that the fabrics of your clothes are not tight-fitting or shiny. Thus, viscose, jersey, and satin aren’t such good choices, in turn, trap and lace are perfect!
  5. Beware of wide belts! They will only highlight flaws.
  6. And the beach outfit can be chosen so as to get rid of the obsessive question “How to look thinner?” So, you have the following options, depending on your preference:
    – If you’re a fan of two-piece swimsuits, choose one that has the top accessorized, so you can draw attention over your bust, not over your belly;
    – One piece swimsuits can do wonders, some of them being made of fabrics to correct your body shape, flattening your belly. In addition, some prints such as vertical stripes can elongate visually your body, making you appear more slender;
    – Tankini is another good choice when you want to redefine your silhouette;
    – when you don’t go in the water, wear a beach shirt or a pareo.
  7. Last but not least, one of the most effective tricks to look thinner with a slim waist is the use of shaping underwear.