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The Brilliance Of Silver Cuban Link Chain

The Brilliance Of Silver Cuban Link Chain

Human beings and their close evolutionery relatives have been adorning themselves with jewelry for thousands of years. In fact, a recent discovery at Bizmoune Cave in southwest Morocco revealed just how long we have been wearing adornements that represent our individuality. The discovery was a Middle Stone Age shell necklace that was found to be approximately 150,000 years old.


Of course, tastes and technology have changed the silver cuban link chain jewelry landscape. With some notable exceptions, we are no longer staisfied withshells – we want the best, rarest and brighest gemstones that provide a brilliance that matches a sparkling personality.


One of the most popular types of jewelry is stud earnings – and there has been a surge of interest in stud earrings featuring the gemstone Moissanite.


Moissanite silver cuban link chain is made from silicon carbide and the naturally occurring form is tremendously rare, this has led to an increased supply of made from silicon carbide. gems that have been manufactured in a lab. these man-made versions of the stone are in no way inferior to the natural version – and have in fact been praised for their exceptional beauty. Many people who do not want to spend the sometimes enormous sums that are required to invest in diamond jewelry are today turning to Moissanite.


It is extremely difficult for non-gemologists to tell the difference between Moissanite and diamond. However, each does scatter the light in a different way. The difference can be described in terms of ‘brilliance’ (white light reflection). The patterning of the facets in Moissanite is slightly different from those of diamond. The result is an extremely bright ‘disco ball’ like effect when the gem is exposed to sunlight.


Moissanite stud earnings are extremely affordable when compared to similar products that feature naturally occurring diamonds, however, the high-quality laboratory-manufactured Moissanite still boasts incredible sparkle.


There are many other reasons to choose Moissanite over diamonds – not just its reputation for that brilliant sparkle. For instance, all Moissanite silver cuban link chain is ethically created. Without a high-powered microscope, it is not possible to see the tiny internal etching on a diamond that ensures you are not getting a so-called ‘blood diamond’. These diamonds are illegally sold and have their origins in conflict zones and are mined in ways that increase human suffering (including forced labor) and criminal activity.


Diamonds are well known for their hardness. One of the old-fashioned ways of telling whether a diamond is the real thing was to etch glass with the gemstone. However, Moissanite follows in the footsteps of diamonds. It is also incredibly hard, if a diamond was to score a solid ten on the hardness scale then Moissanite cuban link silver chain would not be far behind Рscoring at 9.25. This makes Moissanite incredibly tough and stud earrings with Moissanite  gems will last for decades 9if not longer) with correct care.


If you want to look your best – and really shine at any social gathering then consider not only the cost savings that are part and parcel of the Moissanite experience. Also, consider that you will be displaying one of the most beautiful cuban link silver chain gems in the world.