How To Wear Pencil Skirts According To Your Body Type

How To Wear Pencil Skirts According To Your Body Type

The pencil skirt is that piece of clothing that every woman must have in her closet. Even if you were told that it’s not suitable for your body type, you shouldn’t be discouraged or give up wearing it. Everybody can wear it gracefully if it follows certain tips and tricks.

If you always wanted to wear a pencil skirt and never had the courage, I say it’s about time to give up those old-fashioned ideas you have in mind. You CAN wear a pencil skirt to highlight your “good points”. Every silhouette has its ups and downs, and you have to “juggle” only with the attractive parts of your body.

Pencil Skirt For Hourglass Type

You have been blessed with an hourglass-shaped silhouette then the pencil skirt is perfect for you because it will highlight your thin waistline, but also your “delicious” posterior. Choose a tight pattern, but not very tight, because you won’t be able to walk then. The perfect waist for a pencil skirt worn by an hourglass silhouette should reach the navel. Wear with this pencil skirt a shirt or a blouse stuffed in the skirt to create a strong visual effect.

Pencil Skirt For Pear-shaped Silhouette

Women who have pear-shaped figures are bigger at the bottom, in the hips and thighs area, while the upper body is quite small. A pencil skirt can be a real advantage if you have such a body type, but only if you choose a pattern that is not too straight or too tight. If the skirt is too straight, the lower body will look boxy and if it is too tight-fitting, you’ll look like a light bulb. Choose a dark color and a material that has some elasticity, such as cotton or wool, and avoid bulky materials, because it makes you look big exactly in the area where you already have problems. Wear a blouse that gives you extra volume around your bust area, creating the illusion of wider shoulders.

Pencil Skirt For Androgynous Silhouette

Nature didn’t bless you with voluptuous shapes. You have a straight silhouette, without many curves. Many fashion models have this type of silhouette and still manage to look very sexy, even when they’re wearing pencil skirts. So, wear them with confidence. You need a tight pencil skirt made from a thick fabric, to offer volume in the lower part of your body. You can create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette if you choose a pattern with prints on your hips. Also, skirts with side pockets or applied on your posterior are recommended for this type of silhouette. Wear the pencil skirt with a shirt with ruffles in the bust area.

Pencil Skirt For Apple-shaped Silhouette

If you have an apple-shaped silhouette, fat is deposited in the abdominal area and for you, a pencil skirt can be a real problem. To wear such an item, choose a pattern that keeps your belly tight. High-waist pencil skirts are perfect for your body shape. Also, you can wear modeling underwear. Never wear belts or accessories in the abdominal area, just wear a simple pencil skirt. You can wear a wide blouse or shirt, but wear a tight jacket over it, otherwise, you’ll look chubby.

A pencil skirt looks good on anyone, regardless of their body shape! Keep our tips in mind and you will look perfect with this classic item!

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