Top 10 Best Canvas Tote Bags for Summer to Go with Your Outfit

Top 10 Best Canvas Tote Bags for Summer to Go with Your Outfit

Summer calls for matching dresses and trading leather bags for canvas totes. It is a fun season to experiment with colors, fabrics, and prints. While summer is a good time to let loose, it is okay to put a little more thought into your outfit. An effortlessly coordinated summer look includes matching dresses and canvas tote bags.

1. Floral Tote Bags

Hot weather calls for lighter colors. You will likely find yourself choosing nudes, whites, and lots of pastel shades for dresses and tops. Avoid looking like a blank slate, and add a pop of color to your ensemble by carrying a floral tote bag. Floral designs give off feminine vibes that turn your casual summer outfit romantic and dainty, perfect for casual Friday nights.

2. Graphic Tote Bags

Running errands in summer becomes easy with an everyday graphic canvas tote bag. It is light, foldable, and multi-purpose. Best of all, a graphic tote goes well with a streetwear outfit, that is, your denim and tee. Go for graphic designs that are easy on the eyes such as minimalist prints of animals, movie character avatars, random objects, whatnots.

3. Black-and-White Tote Bags

Black-and-white totes can be summer staples, too. They are less bulky and more appropriate for formal events, such as university fairs, corporate lunches, and random client meetings. Surprisingly, canvas tote bags with blacks and whites look edgy but fun. Some patterns have more dominant blacks, whereas some others have lots of whitespaces. Browse online collections for ideas but keep in mind to choose summery patterns to pair with your little breezy dresses.

4. Statement Tote Bags

Grab a statement tote bag that you can parade all day long. With longer summer days, you have a longer time to flash around statements that signify your advocacy or those that are fun and witty. Either way, statement totes are often minimalist and complement well any outfit.

5. Boho Tote Bags

Bring out the tropical prints in summer. Wear a bohemian dress to pair with your boho-inspired tote bag. This print-on-print ensemble looks balanced when the colors complement each other. Wear your lacy white boho dress with a colorful canvas tote. Alternatively, style your pale blue mid-calf printed maxi dress and pair it with a wide-brimmed hat and a boho canvas tote with earth tones.

6. Oversized Tote Bags

When hitting the beach or summer camps, you are wise to bring an oversized tote bag to chuck in all your stuff. Larger bags, either with minimalist or flashy bold designs, are perfect to pair with casual wear. They look fashionable when matched with thinner, shorter, and lighter summer clothing. Above all, they are spacious!

7. Monogrammed Tote Bags

Personalized totes look timeless and sophisticated. At the same time, they could pass for an everyday bag. You can even carry a monogrammed tote to the office after a quick grocery run, and everyone would agree the bag looks chic with corporate attire. Play with the colors and fonts to achieve a classy but less intimidating design. Where possible, embed bag linings and trade cloth for webbing for bag straps.

8. Leather-trimmed Canvas Tote Bags

Speaking of linings, have a go at a leather-trimmed canvas tote. Even without prints, a leather-trimmed canvas tote fits any summer wear and looks upscale that it could pass for a designer bag at first glance. Experiment with the strap lengths, so you can use it as a handbag at work and a shoulder bag when meeting friends at night. Choose smaller sizes to bring to parties.

9. Boat Tote Bags

Some people are inconvenienced by the lack of pockets and the shapelessness of canvas custom tote bags. Your best choice for summer then is boat totes that come in different fun designs. Boat bags have rectangular bases and side pockets that help you stay organized, although with a lighter weight. Traveling mothers, working professionals, gym rats, beach bums – they will find a sturdy and structured boat tote quite handy.

10. Zipped Art Canvas Tote Bags

Keep the contents of your springy tote bag from spilling with a zipper. A sealed tote also adds a sense of security as you never know when pickpocketers make you a target. But since it is summer, choose artsy prints with a playful but subdued color palette. Big and bold prints with flashy colors may hit the blinding sunlight and cause eye discomfort.

There is a long list of fun summer designs for canvas tote bags to try. Keep your bag collection varied. After all, the key to coordinated looks is the right balance of colors, sizes, and prints, be it for summer or winter wear.

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