Why is it important to have physical and mental health as a goal for this year

At every turn of the year it is common for people to create lists with goals for the following year. They can be focused on professional, relationship or even financial areas. For those who are used to committing to goals, there are two points that cannot be left out of the list: physical and mental health.

When both are in balance, consequently the quality of life improves. And not only that: in order to achieve the other goals of the year, these two must be up to date. Here are 10 reasons for you to include both exercise and the search for therapeutic follow-up on your list.

1 – Exercising increases disposition

By working the musculature and releasing a series of hormones during practice, physical exercise causes the energy level in the body to increase, improving the disposition and the feeling of well-being.

2 – Having an exercise routine helps to work on commitment

To exercise frequently, keeping the pace proposed to yourself, you need commitment and discipline. This willpower applied to perform physical activity can be inspiring and used in other areas of life that also require commitment.

3 – Physical activity helps to strengthen the immune system

Practiced regularly, physical activity helps to increase the number of lymphocytes in the body, cells responsible for the body’s defense, and whose function is to destroy viruses and bacteria. That is, in addition to doing good for the physique, it still helps the immune system.

4 – Exercising helps balance the body and mind

Several scientific studies prove the effectiveness of physical activity in preventing depression, anxiety and stress. In addition, it helps to strengthen muscles and prevent a number of diseases. Therefore, regular practice can help to achieve a balance between both.

5 – It’s a time to take care of yourself

The exercise routine allows you to have time for yourself, for self-care. It’s a time to disconnect and focus on yourself. In a daily routine where you donate to a series of people, whether in the professional or personal area, it’s good to have a moment just for you.

6 – Help with resocialization

Following the necessary care and respecting the rules of distancing, going to the gym and exercising frequently is an opportunity to live with other people and work on resocialization. After long periods of isolation, returning to social life can be a challenge, and by maintaining this routine of going to the gym, the idea of ​​sharing an environment with more people, in a careful way, can become more natural.

7 – Having a therapeutic follow-up helps to see things more clearly and from another perspective

When we keep our ideas and thoughts to ourselves, we see things only from one point of view. When seeking professional help from a therapist or psychologist, he will help you see situations from other angles and give you direction so that you can better deal with the issues and challenges you are experiencing, thus bringing more tranquility and clarity for your life.

8 – With clearer ideas and feelings, it is possible to make better decisions

By perceiving the different possibilities and better ways of dealing with challenges, the mind is calmer, helping in decision-making, whether in relation to the situation itself or to any other situation. another question that demands choices.

9 – Having a physical and mental follow-up helps to achieve an improvement in health as a whole

When body and mind are strengthened and aligned, health improves. And with it being up to date, it is possible to have strength and energy to apply to all other areas of life and succeed in fulfilling other goals.

10 – Increases self-esteem and confidence

Therapeutic follow-up will work on personal issues in you and make you more convinced of who you are and what you are capable of, thus increasing your confidence. Coupled with the practice of physical activity, which will show you everything your body is capable of doing and surpassing itself, you will also notice an increase in self-esteem and confidence.